A Recap.



I woke up today with mixed feelings.  Shall I get up now because I am actually raring to go to the office after a four-day holiday.  Or stay in bed because I have been used to waking up and getting up late.  Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Nevertheless, I used the power of my mind over matter and practically dragged my body to take a shower.

It has been a very relaxing four day-break for me.  Actually, my other household help, who's been with us for barely three months, left us without warning.  Of course, it caused me a bit of stressful moments but I didn't want to ruin my vacation so I didn't dwell much on it.  Stress leads to more wrinkles.

Four days of vacation led me to do these:

  • Watch DVDs, and I realized that a movie with big named stars in it doesn't mean that the movie is good.  *Old Dogs* and *From Paris with Love* both star John Travolta.  Old Dogs is comedy and John's co-starring here with Robin Williams.  From Paris with Love is an action film.  Verdict:  They're both corny!  Incidentally, I watched these 2 movies one after the other, and Travolta's characters in both movies is named "Charlie."  Can't american movie writers be creative enough???
  • Read and finish the book "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.  I liked this much better than "The Da Vinci Code", just because it doesn't drastically change my religious beliefs.  Actually after reading 'da vinci code' a few years ago, I resolved not to read any of his books again.  But then I was able to watch the movie adaptation of his book "Angels and Demons" and it kinda changed my way of thinking towards him.  So after finishing "The Lost Symbol", i have no regrets.
  • Yesterday, I bought swimsuits for my 3 daughters.  I didn't realize they have grown so big that the Speedos I bought them years ago don't fit them anymore.  And yes, this left me with a big hole in my pocket. 
  • Hmm, what else did I do?... aha!  eat... sleep... eat... sleep...



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