Gosh, I haven't been blogging for the longest time, I almost forgot how to post in weebly.  And worse, I even had to think twice to figure out what my password is.

Tee-hee... so much have happened since.  We all know that my favorite Lee won the american idol.  But yeah, this is old news already. 

i had an uneventful birthday.  i got a lot of greetings from my facebook account.  and from my girlfriends overseas.  

 I finished my tennis lessons and the coach let me participate in the beginners tournament.  Well, I reached the semis, but lost to two eighteen year olds.  At least I beat 2 sixteen year old girls and one lady my age. haha.  by the way, it was a singles event so it was really hard for me to run after the ball.  ugh, yeah, i'm full of excuses.

so why is this post titled "in hibernation"?  Sorry but i think i need a break.  perhaps i'll take the month off (as if i haven't done it already).  perhaps i'll sneak in and post once in a while.

nobody reads this anyway.

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