Finally I got to watch Avatar in 3D.  It wasn't really the first time I've seen a video in 3D, first time was way way back in grade school (or was it high school?) when 3D glasses then were actually made up of cut-out cardboard paper with red and blue cellophanes as the 'glasses'.  I forgot what movie was this, perhaps because the 3D effects then were not that impressive.  But now in Avatar, boy oh boy.  Ok, first, the glasses.  They're now hard plastic... very much like the shades we use, so I wasn't that distracted and uncomfortoble while watching the movie.  Then the effects -  I was really awed!  Really awed that in the first minutes of the movie, I could not focus on the story itself as I was internalizing and getting myself really impressed by the true to life images I see on the movie.  Now for the story -  Avatar is more like the Pocahontas / Dances with Wolves story and where the viewers will appreciate the environment better.  But beyond the story, the effects is what really made this a fascinating movie to watch. 

Now I will have to reserve a DVD copy from Sadikh.



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