I did not cook much during the weekend.  It was my eldest daughter Alexa's prom (she's in junior high) last Friday night and I was busy with bringing her to the parlor for her hair and makeup, preparing her prom dress and accessories, driving her to the venue, etc. etc.  Then the next day it was my scheduled market and groceries day, and in the afternoon, Pauline asked me to drive her and her friend Kim to the mall.  Aaargh I was so exhausted that night,  I slept like a log...(singing the Beatle's song on my head now...") 

Sunday afternoon I was back on track.  I prepared Indian Mango shake for lunch then cooked banana fritters (maruya) for snacks.  Kids loved the banana fritters so probably next week I'll cook that again.  At night Alexa was reminding me of a dish we ate in a Chinese restaurant that she loved -- it's dish with eggplants and garlic and maybe oyster sauce on it.  I told her I'll look for the recipe in the net and will try cooking it next week.  For the meantime, here's what I found, the authentic chinese way of cooking stir fry.  I said authentic because it's a chinese guy doing the cooking. hee-hee.
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