I'm supposed to be in hibernation, but the truth is, I wasn't able to post the past days because I got so busy.  Better get busy than to mope and bury myself into self pity.

So I'm back into tennis!  I enrolled in this summer tennis clinic in our place and for all I care that most of my classmates are kids.  One of them is even my daughter's classmate.  I'm not embarrased at all because I'm the best in the class, hahaha!  Actually I only enrolled to improve my serving skills but I ended up doing the lessons from the start, just like a beginner.  It's alright because I haven't been playing for some time now so it's a good way to refresh my skills.
I also began practising table tennis because we will be having our TT Tourney in the office soon.  We also have a tennis event but I don't know yet if it's going to push through. 

But after all these activities... at the end of the day... I think I still need a hug.
Check out this video below...

A man, under the pseudonym Juan Mann, was able to start the Free Hug Campaign on June 30, 2004 in central Sydney. He decided to start the campaign because he became upset when he got off a plane in Sydney and saw everyone else hugging but had no one to hug himself. So, he went to the busiest intersection in Sydney and held up a sign that said "Free Hugs". The police tried to shut him down and require him to obtain public liability insurance, but he says his "sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives in this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact".

Unbeknownst to most, Juan Mann was actually brightening these people's lives as hugs have quite a few health benefits. Even if you don't like to hug people, 
I want to urge you to hug as many people as possible; it may lead to a longer life or at least a more enjoyable one.
It happened again.  Funny but I'm not that hurt anymore.  Perhaps getting cheated over and over again makes you feel numb.  Let me just put my feelings into music.
Our photos when we went to Puerto Galera for our family reunion -  April 17-18, 2010.  Hubby and Migs did not come with us.  They stayed home to feed Maxine, the family cat.  <Manang, the housekeeper, did not come back on Thursday as she promised.  In fact, she's not coming back anymore.  So guess who's replacing her... me! >
Car ride to Batangas Pier including horrendous traffic --- 2 hours

Waiting time at the pier --- 1 hour

Boat ride from Batangas Pier to Puerto Galera --- 1.5 hour

And that was just the one-way trip going to the family reunion in Mindoro.

But I was so happy I got to meet my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  Include the fact that Puerto Galera is a nice, and very very summery place.  The kids enjoyed the beach, hotel stay, interesting people roaming around, food and shopping for t-shirts and summer dresses.

Going back home the next day --- that is tiring.

Something went wrong with my EW&F music files.  Can't fix it right now because well... I'm cooking! 

Tomorrow we're going to an overnight stay in Puerto Galera.  I don't know if I'm excited or what.  Just thinking of the tons of stuff I have to do -- prepare food, itinerary, things to bring, etc. etc. -- I already got tired.  But the kids are all excited, so who am I to stop them.  After all, I'm only their mom.

I thought I felt butterflies in my stomach when I heard this song.
<sniff>  <click image to listen to the song>
No housekeeper for a week now.  And I'm the designated cook.  I cook 3 dishes every night so that the kids will just reheat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner the following day.  Gaaad it is so tiring.  But so far, they're loving my pork adobo, chicken adobo with lemongrass and chicken stew.  I also had the usual sinigang and nilaga.  As for the other dishes -- well, they're all experimental... and not all experiments turn out to be a success.

By the way, thanks to the internet for the recipes, particularly this site: http://www.pinoycook.net .

Manang, I miss you.  I hope you come back tomorrow as you promised.  Not like the other manang who just left us, along with her loans from the neighbors.  Aargh.

This is an old video but I got to watch it only yesterday, and I don't know why, but it got me teary eyed... ok, I cried.  It's not a sad video but a "joy-rising" experience, as Oprah would say it afterwards.
I woke up today with mixed feelings.  Shall I get up now because I am actually raring to go to the office after a four-day holiday.  Or stay in bed because I have been used to waking up and getting up late.  Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Nevertheless, I used the power of my mind over matter and practically dragged my body to take a shower.

It has been a very relaxing four day-break for me.  Actually, my other household help, who's been with us for barely three months, left us without warning.  Of course, it caused me a bit of stressful moments but I didn't want to ruin my vacation so I didn't dwell much on it.  Stress leads to more wrinkles.

Four days of vacation led me to do these:

  • Watch DVDs, and I realized that a movie with big named stars in it doesn't mean that the movie is good.  *Old Dogs* and *From Paris with Love* both star John Travolta.  Old Dogs is comedy and John's co-starring here with Robin Williams.  From Paris with Love is an action film.  Verdict:  They're both corny!  Incidentally, I watched these 2 movies one after the other, and Travolta's characters in both movies is named "Charlie."  Can't american movie writers be creative enough???
  • Read and finish the book "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.  I liked this much better than "The Da Vinci Code", just because it doesn't drastically change my religious beliefs.  Actually after reading 'da vinci code' a few years ago, I resolved not to read any of his books again.  But then I was able to watch the movie adaptation of his book "Angels and Demons" and it kinda changed my way of thinking towards him.  So after finishing "The Lost Symbol", i have no regrets.
  • Yesterday, I bought swimsuits for my 3 daughters.  I didn't realize they have grown so big that the Speedos I bought them years ago don't fit them anymore.  And yes, this left me with a big hole in my pocket. 
  • Hmm, what else did I do?... aha!  eat... sleep... eat... sleep...

It's supposed to be the more trusted one of our cars.  It's supposed to be healthier, for chrissakes, it's just 3 years old!  But just 2 weeks ago, while driving along the highway, it suddenly won't accelerate fast enough.  I was in a cruising speed of 100kph and in a matter of seconds, the speedometer was slowly going down to 60... then 40.  Good thing I was still able to reach home.

My husband took it to Toyota repair shop and 10 days passed and they still didn't know what's wrong with it.  Then a while ago Toyota called my husband and told him they would have to change the catalytic converter -- to the tune of 60,000 pesos!

I don't get it.  Catalytic converters are just below 20thousand pesos, what's so special with their cat converters anyway?  I smell somehing fishy here.  We talked to an officemate whose brother is from Toyota so I hope he can help us with this.  Otherwise, we just might ask for a second opinion, from people not from Toyota.

If worse comes to worst, my family vacation budget is on the line.