The Oscar Awarding Ceremony has just concluded, with "The Hurt Locker" winning the Best Picture plum.  Its director, Kathryn Bigelow also won, making her the first woman to win in the Best Director category.  What's funny is that Kathryn is the ex-wife of another best director contender, James Cameron for Avatar.  

Was that girl power or what!

Click here for the blow-by-blow account of how the show went.

"Miss You Like Crazy" is the much awaited follow-up movie after "One More Chance" of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.  I was not much into romantic Tagalog movies but after I saw 'One More Chance' way back in 2007, I became a fan.  Add to that 3 other girlfriends of mine...such that yesterday, being the first day of showing of "Miss You Like Crazy", we sneaked out of the office at 4:30 to watch it at a nearby theater.  Yeah, it's another tearjerker and very realistic movie.  Yeah, we cried a lot while watching it.  But I think I liked their first movie better. 

And so I'm adding here the full movie "One More Chance" so I can watch it whenever I like.  Honestly, i've seen this several times already, but each time i watch it, it still makes me cry. waaaahhh!!!

One More Chance movie, watch here!

Happy Valentine's Day.  To set the mood for this occasion, here are snippets of some of the most romantic movie lines. 
'Wish someone told me "I love you" yesterday.  But there was none.

'Wish someone gave me even just a Valentine's card yesterday.  But there was none.

'Wish someone sent me flowers yesterday.  But again, there was none.

So I just picked some roses from my garden.  And what do you know, the flowers somehow perked me up.
The Hurt Locker is one of the contenders for Oscar's Best Picture category.  I haven't seen it yet, but just this morning I was able to find the movie online.  I'll show the trailer first, as a teaser, then click on "Read More" below to watch the entire movie.  I will watch it during lunch.  Or maybe, if I can't help it anymore, about an hour before lunch.
Click on "Read More" to watch the entire film.

So I bought these 6 DVDs from my ever trusted Sadikh.  I was able to watch only 5 though.  Tch..  I wasn't able to watch Julia and Julia because I didn't have time anymore since the 2 girls and I went shopping yesterday for Alexa's prom shoes and blings.  Besides, the kids enjoyed "The Blind Side" so much that they watched it 3 times!!!  Anyway, I will definitely watch Julia and Julia this week and I'll see if Meryl Streep is better than Sandra.

Of all the 5 DVDs I've seen, I like "The Blind Side" the most.  I'm such a sucker for feel good movies with less complications and this one really hits the mark.  

Invictus is a feel good movie as well, and like "The Blind Side" it's also based on a true story.  It deals with how Nelson Mandela united the South Africans and somewhat ended apartheid thru the game of rugby.  What I don't like in the movie is that I had a hard time understanding the dialogues because of their South African accent. 

Speaking of South Africa, the movie "District 9" is set in South Africa (hey, i've found connections in those 3 films!)  The movie has subtitles, even if they're speaking in english, and it's a good idea because it IS really difficult to understand them.  Funny thing, when the characters curse, they say "fook!" I tried to say it myself and I felt like not saying a bad word at all!  The movie has really gory scenes but it has a better plot than Avatar.  Oh, I compared it to Avatar because the movie theme is also about extra-terrestrials. 

Now for the movie "Up in the Air".  George Clooney is really a sweetheart.  His character's job here is to sack people in different companies all over the US so he's required to travel and be "up in the air" most of the time.  I don't like it much because it didn't end happily.  No, the plane didn't crash, don't worry.  Oops, sorry about the spoiler there. 

I bought the "It's Complicated" DVD even if it's not in the Oscar's List but because Meryl Streep is there, with Alec Baldwin... and it seemed like a funny movie.  Well, the movie has its funny moments, especially with Alec Baldwin in the scenes.  Steve Martin is not at his best here, probably because he didn't have his funny scenes which is what he's good at.  His character here is like a wimp, sorry.  So in short, I didn't enjoy this much.

By the way, I'm not watching "The Legion" anymore.  I heard it's really bad.

For trailers of  Invictus, District 9, Up in the Air and It's Complicated, click on "Read More".

If you're going to watch this in the office, like I did (shhhh), then prepare to have 1 hour of unproductive time and another hour of lunchbreak on your desk.  And oh, don't forget to have tissues on hand.


OMG.  I got teary eyed watching this movie trailer.  This is why I would want to watch this at home, not in a public place.  So I can cry all I want. boo-hoo-hoo.
And I got more teary eyed learning that this was based on a true story. waaaah!!!

The 2010 Oscars Nomination List just came out.  I actually felt bad when I went over the list because being a movie fan that I am, I have only seen 2 movies (Avatar and Inglorious Basterds)  in the list!  Well, blame it probably on geographical location, because I'm actually half a world away from Hollywood.  But really, I could just have downloaded these movies or something.  

Oh, this morning I saw a billboard for "The Blind Side" showing in Festival Mall.  Might as well watch that.  Or buy the DVD from Sadikh.  (Hey, I've got THE list!)


Click "Read More"  for the List.

Ok, I must say that I'm a movie addict.  I rarely watch in the movie theaters though (except if the movie requires really large screen to better appreciate it, like 2012 and Avatar), because it takes too much time and effort for me to prepare and schedule my trip to the mall.  And yes, it's rather expensive nowadays.  So I befriended Sadikh and I get my regular *stash* of DVD movies and tv series from him.  They're pirated, obviously.  Yeah, shame on me.

Needless to say, last Christmas holidays, I got to watch several DVDs - from tv series (I'm loving "The Closer") to concerts (MJ's 'This is It" and Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" concert) and to movies of course.   Let me see... Inglourious Basterds (love you Brad!)... The Taking of Pelham 123 (love you Denzel and John!)... Jennifer's Body (hate you Megan!!!)...  I also watched some movies which are not that memorable so I won't mention them here anymore.

But what is this I just saw last weekend at the mall?  I saw a rather intriguing movie poster.  I took a closer look and the actor was... yummy Paul Bettany.  I love love Paul since I saw him in "A Knight's Tale" starring the young Heath Ledger.  In the movie, Paul was the one introducing Heath before each match, and what do you know, I fell in love with the accent.  I'll attach the movie trailer here and find out for yourself.  By the way, Paul's new movie is "Legion" coming in January 22nd.  I won't miss that one.

Here's the trailer of "A Knight's Tale"... Check out Paul introducing Heath's character... yeah, it's the accent.
Here below is Paul Bettany's upcoming movie, Legion.
Sorry, can't help it.  Here once more is Paul, in the movie "Wimbledon'.  I'm proud to say I watched this in the movie theater. =)
I could have added also the trailers of "A Beautiful Mind", "Master and Commander" and "Da Vinci Code", but this post is already getting too long.  (Of course I also saw these movies!)

Finally I got to watch Avatar in 3D.  It wasn't really the first time I've seen a video in 3D, first time was way way back in grade school (or was it high school?) when 3D glasses then were actually made up of cut-out cardboard paper with red and blue cellophanes as the 'glasses'.  I forgot what movie was this, perhaps because the 3D effects then were not that impressive.  But now in Avatar, boy oh boy.  Ok, first, the glasses.  They're now hard plastic... very much like the shades we use, so I wasn't that distracted and uncomfortoble while watching the movie.  Then the effects -  I was really awed!  Really awed that in the first minutes of the movie, I could not focus on the story itself as I was internalizing and getting myself really impressed by the true to life images I see on the movie.  Now for the story -  Avatar is more like the Pocahontas / Dances with Wolves story and where the viewers will appreciate the environment better.  But beyond the story, the effects is what really made this a fascinating movie to watch. 

Now I will have to reserve a DVD copy from Sadikh.