Last night I played tennis with some friends at The Palms. Nice court - covered, good, hard surface, not much people around.  Well, that's because it's an exclusive court and we were just using our company's corporate account.
But with all these I wasn't satisfied at all with my game last night.  Was it because I'm getting old that I couldn't hit the ball hard enough?  Was it lack of practice?  E. told me it must be my racket - the head is a bit bigger for me that's why I couldn't make a full swing when I hit forehand.  Heniweys, I am now thinking of getting a replacement.  But ouch, it could cost a lot.  Just recently, I bought a tennis racket (Wilson K-Factor [K]obra) for my 10 year old daughter, who's also into tennis.  Hmm, I might just borrow from her.  If my game improves, then it really must bethe racket, and I'm buying a new one.
Gaahd, It's hard to say goodbye to my 5yr old Wilson N-Code.