Chinese New Year is just a few days away and as I was browsing through my old photos in my computer, I chanced upon these photos, taken during my business trip to China last June 2009.  I think I better compile my other trip photos and just make them into slideshows/videos like the one I made below.

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Yeah, I know we shouldn't be dwelling on the past, but hey, these were good memories.  And I will cherish them forever.
I was able to upload some of my farewell party photos when I worked for more than a year in Thailand.  Happy days!

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Hello world!

Much as I would like to write a long paragraph for my first post, I would hold it first because I still have a lot of things to do to tweak this blog.  I think weebly is cool and more importantly, I can update this even if I'm in the office. :)

Alright then, got to work first... will do this blog thing later during lunch break.

Can't say I'm not excited.. coz I really am!!!