I'm home today coz we have no work on Fridays.  Part of the company's cost cutting measures.  My salary remains the same though because our Fridays are charged to our 'leaves' .. so there - same salary but we don't earn additional leaves.  Good enough for me, that's better rather than having no source of income at all.

So for this year I resolved to take charge of my finances better.  Before, it was just 'come what may' for me, because I know that I have a fixed regular income.  I came across a site on how I can control my budget and stick to it.  It was fairly simple, how couldn't have I ever thought of that.  The idea was to have several envelopes, mark each one with the regular expenses, then put the required amount on each envelope.  So that's what I have been doing since last payday.  Yesterday was again a payday, I withdrew almost everything in my ATM last night (I saved some for the credit card payments which I pay online) and now each of the envelopes (I got 10 envelopes!) has a certain amount, including 1 envelope intended for the family annual vacation. 

I hope I can stick to this routine.



01/22/2010 9:43am

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