I am fortunate enough to have two housekeepers, both are stay-in and do all-around household chores.  Manang A, who has been with us for more than a year now, has proven herself to be quite capable with her duties.  Then just a few weeks ago, we hired Manang B for the reason that Manang A would have a companion and would not get lonely when she's left in the house.  My specific instruction to both of them:  help one another in whatever they're doing.  Plain and simple.  I suppose they already know what to do since they're both experienced housekeepers and are well over their 40s.

But then I found out that they're not getting along well.  I realized that getting two experienced housekeepers working together are not ideal.  They both have their own way of doing things and in this case, I found out that Manang A, who's a bit older than Manang B tends to be bossy around Manang B.  No, it hasn't reached a point where they were already violent.  It's just they were always crying when I discuss this problem with them.  Menopausal women, I just remembered.

So last night I sat both of them down and did some scolding -  "try to treat each other nicely... learn to adjust with each other.. yada-yada".  I then assigned them their own chores, no more helping one another if they are still quarreling.   I hope this settles the issue.  Let me see in a week if this is going to work.  Gaaad, it's like having 2 more children to tend to.



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