I'm in the mood to relax and jazzing it up.  This time, with Earth, Wind and Fire.  I didn't include their song "I'll Be Over You" because one, it's not jazz; and two, it kinda depresses me. 
Love's Holiday

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Got To Get You Into My Life

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Sing a Song

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04/15/2010 5:31pm

" I'll be Over You" is by TOTO (80's band) with Michael McDonald on background...If you will try to check the mtv (youtube), you'll notice that they are singing this song on top of a building, say, a hospital maybe?..then that will make it so so so sentimental...

04/15/2010 5:53pm

hi mp. oh yeah, you're right, that was sung by Toto. thanks for correcting.

so they were on top of a hospital building. interesting. and memorable.


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