Birthday Doughnuts
I took the afternoon off yesterday to personally pick up my son Migs from school.  Why? Because it's his birthday!  I was planning to take him to the mall, buy him something, maybe a shirt... but he requested that we just go to Paseo de Sta. Rosa, which was just a few blocks away and eat at Jollibee. 

While we were eating I noticed that he badly needs a haircut and I told him we'd go to the barbershop afterwards.  He didn't want to.

"My hair is fine.  Tita said it looks good on me.  My classmates also think my hair is nice.... even the girls..."

"But what about your teachers?"

"Well... Miss Jude said my hair looks good on me... but she said that according to the student handbook... it's not."

So we made a compromise to keep his hair this way for until a week.  Next weekend, I'll bring him to the barbershop.

Yes, my favorite (and only) son is slowly having decisions of his own.  Coz I didn't realize, he's now eleven.

Happy birthday sweetie.  Momma loves you.

He had the usual birthday ice cream... but asked for doughnuts instead of cake.  Peculiar.

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