I was supposed to post an entry about hubby's birthday dinner last night at Conti's in Nuvali.  Of course it would not be complete without any pictures so I immediately downloaded our photos from my camera.  When all of a sudden, lo and behold - the pictures miraculously got lost.  Not deleted, because I couldn't find the files in my recycle bin!  I frantically searched the hard drives but they were nowhere to be found.  It's my fault really, because I was again multi-tasking, downloading files and at the same time deleting and organizing Pauline's numerous (I really mean numerous!) pictures scattered all over my hard disks (She's into photography and is crazy over Photoshop these days).  Anyway, I just downloaded a trial recovery program, i'll see if I could recover the files from my camera's memory stick. 

Marion left this afternoon for Davao after a 3 day stay.  Thanks sis for lending a shoulder to cry on.  It's like a huge load was taken off my chest.  I think we're kinda bff now. haha.

Oh!  I almost forgot that the topic should be about the birthday dinner.  Well, food was great.  The air outside Conti's in Nuvali was crisp and cold.  Hmm, will post photos soon.



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