I am so happy this morning because I was able to add a music playlist here in my blog.  Yeah, that's how shallow I am, and I'm even writing about it as my entry.  And while I was searching over the net for a cute smiley picture to attach to this post, (the result is what you see on the left), I came across this article.  I thought hmm.. might as well add this to my entry for today.

How to make your husband smile, from ehow.com:

  1. Step 1 Show enthusiasm in the presence of your husband. Even if you have only a few moments on a busy day to be with him, make sure he knows you cherish those few moments.

  2. Step 2 Don't criticize or nag. Focus on your husband's good qualities. He's not perfect, but neither are you. Look at him with your heart and compliment his good qualities. Remember how you felt when you first fell in love.

  3. Step 3 Listen attentively, even when he talks about things you don't understand or tells jokes that aren't all that funny. If you don't understand what he's talking about such as car parts or the latest football game, ask a few questions. You'll be showing genuine interest and may learn something in the process.

  4. Step 4 Give your husband space. Everyone needs their own personal space at times. This isn't a personal attack toward you. He'll appreciate your patience and understanding.

  5. Step 5 Cook your husband's favorite meal. As they say, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". This often holds true and seeing you took the time to cook his favorite meal will certainly make him smile.

  6. Step 6 Be loyal and honest. Never give your husband reason to doubt you or your loyalty. Knowing you are his best friend who he can turn to and are always honest, is one of the best gifts you can give him.

My take on this?  I think husbands are such spoiled brats, hahaha.  But yeah, I will give some of these steps a try, hubby is so easy to please, anyway.



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