I just discovered a great site!  It's a reading website called http://www.gutenberg.org .  I was overwhelmed by the huge number of titles and authors to choose from, I don't know where to start.  So I checked their  Top 100 downloads and here's what they got.  Actually, these are classic books, mostly very old ones.  They even have Tagalog titles and the author is someone from the 1800s!  I tried to browse one Tagalog book, and upon reading the first few lines, it was like I was brought back to the 1800s - complete with the archaic spellings (instead of the letter 'k', it uses 'c' or 'qu'... and the 'w' was replaced - instead of 'wi', it uses 'oi' and for wa - 'oa'... how cool is that!). 
Here's a snapshot of their Yesterday's Top 100 downloads: 

Click the photo to go to site... and check out Number 8.



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