It's supposed to be the more trusted one of our cars.  It's supposed to be healthier, for chrissakes, it's just 3 years old!  But just 2 weeks ago, while driving along the highway, it suddenly won't accelerate fast enough.  I was in a cruising speed of 100kph and in a matter of seconds, the speedometer was slowly going down to 60... then 40.  Good thing I was still able to reach home.

My husband took it to Toyota repair shop and 10 days passed and they still didn't know what's wrong with it.  Then a while ago Toyota called my husband and told him they would have to change the catalytic converter -- to the tune of 60,000 pesos!

I don't get it.  Catalytic converters are just below 20thousand pesos, what's so special with their cat converters anyway?  I smell somehing fishy here.  We talked to an officemate whose brother is from Toyota so I hope he can help us with this.  Otherwise, we just might ask for a second opinion, from people not from Toyota.

If worse comes to worst, my family vacation budget is on the line.




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