First, it wasn't as bad as the cartoon shown here.  Just a minor scratch at my rear bumper, and I let the driver get away with it.  This is how it went:

Sunday noon, I was to pick up my daughter Pauline from her church meeting a few minutes away from our house.  When I got there, Pauline was not yet around so I parked at the side street (it wasn't even a busy street), near the entrance of the building.  I put the handbrakes on, had the hazard lights blinking and started to text my daughter.  While I was texting, I suddenly felt the car jolt, I thought I was still on gear but I was in neutral, and when I checked my rearview mirror, there it was, an SUV was backing from the parking space beside me and hit my rear.  Gaad!  I couldn't go out of the car right away because I was just wearing my pajama tops and haven't even combed my hair.  Good thing I put on my shorts and bra, hahaha.  I checked my rear bumper, there was a long scratch, but it wasn't so visible.  Besides, the front bumper was already full of scratches thanks to my hubby's very offensive kind of driving.  When I checked the SUV, it had a longer, deeper and much visible scratch.  And it was brand new, hahaha.  So I just pretended to be a bit annoyed, told the driver to be extra careful next time and to check his mirrors often.  Well, in short, I just let the driver go, but of course, I got to say the last words.



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