There's something about the weekend that makes me restless.  Perhaps it's the hot and humid weather.  Or the fact that there's nothing much to do.

So last Sunday when the temperature rose to almost 37 degrees, I just decided to have my already short hair cut even shorter.  I didn't want to drive to my usual salon because of the heat, so I went to the nearby beauty parlor where I had my foot spa instead.  I was not a regular client so I didn't know their hairstylists well.  I noticed that they charge cheaper and that made me kinda happy.  I then asked for the senior hairstylist, the most expensive of the lot...

To my surprise, the senior stylist turned out to be.. well, in her senior years.  I didn't show her how surprised I was but I still gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe she's very experienced in the field of hairstyling.  Maybe she's attended seminars abroad to know the latest trends in hairstyles.

Well after about fifteen minutes,  I had an '80s look.  

I still didn't show my disappointment and in my nicest, friendly smile, I asked her to snip some more here and there, just to have a more updated hairstyle.  

Now I can't wait for my hair to grow longer.  Then I'll go back to my trusted hairstylist.  Scorching heat or not.



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