I'm already in my 40s but I can say that there's still plenty of things I haven't done, or experienced.  This is why whenever there's a chance to do something new, I grab it.
I was strolling at the mall one day and passed by an alley with a blind massage parlor.  I haven't had a massage in hmm.. a year?... so I immediately took the chance and had a good massage.  It's not that expensive, and since it's not a spa, I didn't have to take my clothes off - just went inside, got down on the bed, paid the receptionist after, then left.  Very straightforward.  Not time consuming at all. 

My 3 toenails are now healing!  These toenails which have been 'dead' for about 3 years now (thanks to tennis) seem to be cured - the black portion is gone but it left some white stuff which is good enough coz I could cover them with nail polish.  And the big toenail is thickened but I think it will be fine in a few months.  What a relief!  So to celebrate that, I went to the parlor last weekend to have a pedicure, at last.  I usually do my own pedicure because I'm too embarrassed to show my toenails to the pedicurist.  But now, not anymore!  So off I went to the parlor but you know these ladies, if you ask them for a pedicure, they will offer you more services, for a fee of course.    And being very gullible, I ended up with not just a pedicure but a foot spa to boot.  I realized that soaking my feet in the warm water was very soothing.  Then came the scrubbing which then I had some sort of a problem.  I was so ticklish that I could not stop myself from laughing!  Good thing the lady doing the foot spa was very nice, but I think she was actually amused because I told her that this is my very first time to have a foot spa and pedicure.  So after about an hour, my feet were so clean and soft to the touch, I didn't want to walk at all.  Gaad, it felt good.



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