Alright.  I'm having problems with my relationship.  This has been going on and off for about hmm 2-3 years now.  So just imagine the anguish, depression, mood swings I'm experiencing for the past couple of years.  I have been trying very hard to keep my sanity.  Why?  Because I don't have anyone to vent out these issues (that's why I keep on writing blogs).  Majority of my friends are much younger than me and I don't want to burden them with my problems.  Besides, I have this so-called "reputation" that I want to maintain.  A happy wife.

Then last week, problem started again.  And usually, during this period I have sleepless nights.  So I turned to the internet to finally look for help.  I found this life-coaching thing and there were write-ups which were kinda helpful to me.  But most of the write-ups were just snippets and introductions of the whole discussion.  If I would want to read the whole thing, it turned out that it was for sale.  I gave it a few days to think it over.  Then last night I just decided to buy it.  It cost me more than 2000 pesos and in return I was given 3 files to download and read.  That's it.  Now I'm not sure if this would help me.  I haven't read everything yet, I just browsed through the files, and as of now, I 'm not feeling relieved of my problems. 

Ah, if only life is simple.

p.s.  I recently discovered a great alternative for sleeping pills - it's Sudoku!  Keeps me focused and forget my problems... while making me sleepy at the same time.



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