I'm forcing myself to write something here.  Not because I'm lazy to post an entry, but because I'm kind of time pressured.  Today, tomorrow and the day after, I will be attending a seminar at a nearby hotel, and the best part of it is that we'll have free breakfast.  So I just dropped by at the office early today, to charge an hour of work (the seminar is 8 hours long), besides, I still have plenty of work to do here in the office.
And I still managed to sneak in this entry.
Here's to keeping the blog alive!
Hah!  I'm suddenly back.  I have actually been visiting this site for a week now, but still don't know what to write about.  I just thought that I have to start with something short, just to getmy system going.
I'm writing this during office hours, I can't post photos yet, and I am in a hurry.  So this will be all... for now.
Hoping I can post something tonight... or tomorrow night...