I am sooo back!

I just realized I have been neglecting this blog and it's such a shame to just let it go I thought of reviving it.  So what has been happening with me?  Alright, it has been around 6 months since I have posted an entry and much has happened since.  To name a few:
  • I bought a new tennis racquet (Wilson K-Zen)... 
  • I am into running now... I have joined about 5k runs 6 times already.  Although I haven't improved much -- my best time is 38mins, I am planning to lower this to 30mins (how I wish!!!). 
  • I have been sick for the past month (cough! cough!) so I decided to rest first, meaning no tennis, and no running for the past 2 weeks.  
  • That's it.  Yeah, my life can be pretty boring.  
But wait... I'm already feeling better (from my cough/allergies) and I'm just taking my time this week, but next week ... I'm back in the court and the road once more.



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