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Welcome to my Kitchen
So I have this long weekends happening every week.  From Friday to Sunday, I get to be at home except when I go shopping, do the groceries or buy DVDs.  Since I'm starting to get bored by these long weekends, I set my mind to do little experiments that involve the kitchen.
Salmon sashimi
This is half of the salmon fillets I bought last week from the wet market.  At first I was hesitant to buy it because I was afraid that the fish is not fresh.. or clean.  But I saw several customers buying so I went ahead.  The owners of this fish stall is a Japanese and his Filipina wife.  The jap hubby is the one personally taking care of preparing the salmon sashimi and he even gave me free wasabi. 

Verdict?  Salmon was fresh and delicious!  Even tastier than those from the restaurants!  And no bum stomach after.

Pesto (in bottle)
I was so clueless as to what's in my kitchen, that I discovered only recently that I have a blender.  I immediately thought of making pesto because I really love pesto in my pasta.  Forgot to take a picture of the spaghetti I prepared last week, but I'm planning to cook again this weekend.  Good thing I still have leftover pesto.  Yummy!

Papaya Salad
This is the papaya salad I made just a while ago.  I haven't eaten my lunch yet and since I am in the mood to write this post, I'm already having the salad while typing away.  I had the complete ingredients - papaya (of course), lemon, fish sauce, nuts, brown sugar and coriander (wansuy).  It tastes just how I remembered during my Thailand days!  Well, except it's kinda on the sweet side because the papaya is almost ripe.  And there's no chilis.



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