So I bought these 6 DVDs from my ever trusted Sadikh.  I was able to watch only 5 though.  Tch..  I wasn't able to watch Julia and Julia because I didn't have time anymore since the 2 girls and I went shopping yesterday for Alexa's prom shoes and blings.  Besides, the kids enjoyed "The Blind Side" so much that they watched it 3 times!!!  Anyway, I will definitely watch Julia and Julia this week and I'll see if Meryl Streep is better than Sandra.

Of all the 5 DVDs I've seen, I like "The Blind Side" the most.  I'm such a sucker for feel good movies with less complications and this one really hits the mark.  

Invictus is a feel good movie as well, and like "The Blind Side" it's also based on a true story.  It deals with how Nelson Mandela united the South Africans and somewhat ended apartheid thru the game of rugby.  What I don't like in the movie is that I had a hard time understanding the dialogues because of their South African accent. 

Speaking of South Africa, the movie "District 9" is set in South Africa (hey, i've found connections in those 3 films!)  The movie has subtitles, even if they're speaking in english, and it's a good idea because it IS really difficult to understand them.  Funny thing, when the characters curse, they say "fook!" I tried to say it myself and I felt like not saying a bad word at all!  The movie has really gory scenes but it has a better plot than Avatar.  Oh, I compared it to Avatar because the movie theme is also about extra-terrestrials. 

Now for the movie "Up in the Air".  George Clooney is really a sweetheart.  His character's job here is to sack people in different companies all over the US so he's required to travel and be "up in the air" most of the time.  I don't like it much because it didn't end happily.  No, the plane didn't crash, don't worry.  Oops, sorry about the spoiler there. 

I bought the "It's Complicated" DVD even if it's not in the Oscar's List but because Meryl Streep is there, with Alec Baldwin... and it seemed like a funny movie.  Well, the movie has its funny moments, especially with Alec Baldwin in the scenes.  Steve Martin is not at his best here, probably because he didn't have his funny scenes which is what he's good at.  His character here is like a wimp, sorry.  So in short, I didn't enjoy this much.

By the way, I'm not watching "The Legion" anymore.  I heard it's really bad.

For trailers of  Invictus, District 9, Up in the Air and It's Complicated, click on "Read More".


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