Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!!!
The Dragon Dance in the malls.  Ang-pao.  Eng Bee Tin Hopia.  Tikoy.  The fireworks.  It's that season again.  And what would Chinese New Year be without the horoscope forecasts.  So here they are, beginning with my year of course.  Oh, but before that, the year overview first:


The year of the Metal Tiger brings the energy to begin activity and the determination to follow projects through to the end. Business ventures and endeavors that have started slow, especially those started last year, may pick up speed this year. There may be a lot of opposition and negative vibes from rivals, however. This year will be filled with confrontations, adventure, and many wild parties, with frequent positive and negative highs and lows. It’s definitely not going to be a peaceful year. Your best bet is to always have faith and believe in miracles, as making the impossible possible can happen.


An extremely cheerful and optimistic creature, Horse can be a refreshing breeze in times of trouble. She’s rather slapdash and happy-go-lucky, however, so don’t expect her to stick around for long periods. She seeks adventure, the thrill of the journey, the breathtaking spotlight, the sound of laughter at wild parties. To tie her down could make her very sad. Love to her is a gamble, with many moods, many changes and a lot of fiery passion.

What’s in store for you in 2010

Overall Luck

Aside from Dog, you may have more luck this year than the other zodiac animals. There may be many positive opportunities in store this year, and to add to all the goodness, you’ll enjoy your endeavors. You’ll have a wonderful year with practically no unfavorable months. Go ahead and pursue your dreams, your goals, your ambitions! It’s the perfect time to get off the side bench, warm up and get on centerfield. Adventure will call every so often, so always take caution with you, as you tend to get that reckless streak in all the excitement.

Love Luck
This is a lucky year for you in all of life’s aspects, including love! You are a cheerful and optimistic creature, and that’s a great attitude to have, especially if love was unkind to you last year. The good thing about you is you don’t lose hope so easily. This year promises many social events and adventurous escapades, which are perfect for meeting other bachelors or bachelorettes. On the outside, you’re brimming with exuberance, which could also be a façade for a few insecurities. Don’t be afraid to show a lover your vulnerable side. Single Horses may have more luck this year than married ones, as singles have more freedom to roam and play. Still, married Horses may have their share of luck, but their popularity may leave little time for private life, which may be the number one cause for conflict in their married life.


Sheep is fond of anything involving people. As long she’s surrounded by people and works for their benefit, like politics, the government, community service, she may actually succeed. She handles her life well, as she’s usually organized and has a middle-of-the-road attitude to almost everything. Taking risks may be rare for her, and she may even have a wall around her heart when it comes to love and romance. She’s a realistic soul that has her feet firmly planted on the ground, even though she is capable of an idealistic dream or two.

What’s in store for you in 2010

Overall Luck
If last year was filled with many disappointments and heartache, this year may give you a softer, gentler touch and many more opportunities to perk you up. It still may not be an easy year, however, as you may encounter adversaries and people that are capable of ruining businesses. Maintain your composure and practice grace under pressure. Choosing your friends carefully may be a great help, and cooperation in the workplace may put you on the right track to success. Problems should be dealt with accordingly and immediately instead of being left on the shelf.

Love Luck

You enjoy staying in your social circle, but after a while, familiarity may breed contempt. With the number of events and wild parties in store for this year, it may actually be better for you to meet an attractive outsider in the field of romance, as this person can bring you new optimistic outlooks and perspective, and he/she can also provide a challenge to keep you on your toes. If your current relationship is getting dull, the Year of the Tiger promises excitement, but both in a positive and negative way. It may be up to you to add spice into the bedroom, as outings and excursions may become more exciting than your partner’s sexual approach.


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