Something went wrong with my EW&F music files.  Can't fix it right now because well... I'm cooking! 

Tomorrow we're going to an overnight stay in Puerto Galera.  I don't know if I'm excited or what.  Just thinking of the tons of stuff I have to do -- prepare food, itinerary, things to bring, etc. etc. -- I already got tired.  But the kids are all excited, so who am I to stop them.  After all, I'm only their mom.

I'm in the mood to relax and jazzing it up.  This time, with Earth, Wind and Fire.  I didn't include their song "I'll Be Over You" because one, it's not jazz; and two, it kinda depresses me. 
Love's Holiday

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Got To Get You Into My Life

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Sing a Song

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This is an old video but I got to watch it only yesterday, and I don't know why, but it got me teary eyed... ok, I cried.  It's not a sad video but a "joy-rising" experience, as Oprah would say it afterwards.
One of the best moments in dance parties is when everyone in the dance floor sings along with the music being played.  And of course, this goes with everybody jumping up and down, with fingers pointing upwards and heads bobbing.  Yeah, maybe this happened to me several years ago, but this rather graphic image comes haunting me when I get to listen to this song.  And oh, I should really try to memorize this part of the song, because this is when the singing, jumping, pointing and bobbing happen.

When they were dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin'
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die

I swear, I can just close my eyes and dance. Now.
It's the Holy Week.  For most people, it means a long holiday, time to hit the road and go out of town for a relaxing vacation.  But for me, I will just stay home with my family.  Rest.  Read a book.  Do some soul searching.  It would be nice to do so while listening to this music.

Birthday Doughnuts
I took the afternoon off yesterday to personally pick up my son Migs from school.  Why? Because it's his birthday!  I was planning to take him to the mall, buy him something, maybe a shirt... but he requested that we just go to Paseo de Sta. Rosa, which was just a few blocks away and eat at Jollibee. 

While we were eating I noticed that he badly needs a haircut and I told him we'd go to the barbershop afterwards.  He didn't want to.

"My hair is fine.  Tita said it looks good on me.  My classmates also think my hair is nice.... even the girls..."

"But what about your teachers?"

"Well... Miss Jude said my hair looks good on me... but she said that according to the student handbook... it's not."

So we made a compromise to keep his hair this way for until a week.  Next weekend, I'll bring him to the barbershop.

Yes, my favorite (and only) son is slowly having decisions of his own.  Coz I didn't realize, he's now eleven.

Happy birthday sweetie.  Momma loves you.

He had the usual birthday ice cream... but asked for doughnuts instead of cake.  Peculiar.
I'm already in my 40s but I can say that there's still plenty of things I haven't done, or experienced.  This is why whenever there's a chance to do something new, I grab it.
I was strolling at the mall one day and passed by an alley with a blind massage parlor.  I haven't had a massage in hmm.. a year?... so I immediately took the chance and had a good massage.  It's not that expensive, and since it's not a spa, I didn't have to take my clothes off - just went inside, got down on the bed, paid the receptionist after, then left.  Very straightforward.  Not time consuming at all. 

My 3 toenails are now healing!  These toenails which have been 'dead' for about 3 years now (thanks to tennis) seem to be cured - the black portion is gone but it left some white stuff which is good enough coz I could cover them with nail polish.  And the big toenail is thickened but I think it will be fine in a few months.  What a relief!  So to celebrate that, I went to the parlor last weekend to have a pedicure, at last.  I usually do my own pedicure because I'm too embarrassed to show my toenails to the pedicurist.  But now, not anymore!  So off I went to the parlor but you know these ladies, if you ask them for a pedicure, they will offer you more services, for a fee of course.    And being very gullible, I ended up with not just a pedicure but a foot spa to boot.  I realized that soaking my feet in the warm water was very soothing.  Then came the scrubbing which then I had some sort of a problem.  I was so ticklish that I could not stop myself from laughing!  Good thing the lady doing the foot spa was very nice, but I think she was actually amused because I told her that this is my very first time to have a foot spa and pedicure.  So after about an hour, my feet were so clean and soft to the touch, I didn't want to walk at all.  Gaad, it felt good.

Basil Valdez
Basil Valdez is one of the great singers I grew up to.  Although in my younger years I didn' t really sang much of his songs... and then... now that I'm old, whenever I hear his songs, I feel like I'm transported to those good old days.  But then again, when you dig deep into the meanings of his songs, it's another story altogether.  For adults lang talaga pala siya.

Click here to listen to "Minsan Pa Nating Hagkan Ang Ating Nakaraan".
I am so in the mood to listen to jazz music today.  Makes me feel relaxed and soothed.  Just right for the state of being I am currently at. 

This is the jazz radio station I recently discovered online.  Love it.

Happy Valentine's Day.  To set the mood for this occasion, here are snippets of some of the most romantic movie lines. 
'Wish someone told me "I love you" yesterday.  But there was none.

'Wish someone gave me even just a Valentine's card yesterday.  But there was none.

'Wish someone sent me flowers yesterday.  But again, there was none.

So I just picked some roses from my garden.  And what do you know, the flowers somehow perked me up.